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Dornbracht ‘BigRain’ Shower!

This is what I’m talking about! Perfect. I have no idea how much it costs, but it will be in my next place. I have been talking about this for a while with friends, ever since I saw someone with a rain shower in some magazine. This one is so perfect… The ‘BigRain’ from Dornbracht. Can’t you just see a 400 sq ft. bathroom with this thing (or three of them!) in the middle? Grey slate tile floor or maybe just heated polished concrete floors…super minimal. Some of their other stuff is incredible as well, their faucets are quite nice. I will say that the site is a bit hard to navigate…but in a cool, pompous way. Can’t knock that. And some really great write-ups in their press section, for real, good reads. The rain shower is under the ‘Balance Modules’ section. Big up to Chuck for reading his girl Holly’s interior design magazines.