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Dior No More!!

So being off email and internet pretty much all last week I am still catching up on all the news. I heard that Hedi left Dior…I knew his contract situation was up in the air, but wow he kinda quit. I have wanted to do a Dior/Hedi post for a minute for a bunch of different reasons I kept putting it off. He’s that designer that can design anything with a clean edginess. From photography to physical stores to layouts to a ready-to-wear line Hedi is a unanimous talent. I even held off posting about Dior cause the jeans are almost too good. Before you know it middle America is gonna ditch their Seven jeans. But seriously the denim cuts and washes are perfect. His decision to leave has already caused people scoop up whatever pair of Dior jeans are left on the rack. They will be like 1947 LVCs in 40 years. Kris Van Assche is taking his place which is actually an awesome replacement. He’s a little Dior and a little hip hop at the same time. The candidness of Hedi’s outro speaks volumes about him as a designer and the circumstances of art being a business.