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Diller Scofidio, on the move with ICA!!

How ironic is it that I found out about this super modern building while watching This Old House, my Saturday morning non-cable routine. Laugh it up. But they did a construction walk-through of the ICA which are always as cool and sometimes better than the finished product. What make this building stand out is the HUGE cantilever balancing over the riverwalk. You could tell from the renderings that that is gonna be an awesome space. The interior is super impressive with natural light in the galleries and crazy tech’ed out features. The whole discussion among the architecture vs. the artwork in them is that architects need to back off and not outshine the art, but I think both sides need to really push their limits and give the people a memorable experience, not what they expect. Whether or not that architecture is good needs to be hashed out within architecture. I am feeling this project tho. The Diller Scofidio US portfolio is definitely on the move.