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Yeah that’s right, five exclamation points. How have I gone so long without diving headfirst into the incredible resource, archive, and timewaster that is Design Sponge?! Seriously!? I’m sure I’m late on this anyways, but yeah, it’s just really an amazing site. DesignSponge is a site dedicated to home and product design run by Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney. I would try to compile a list of the beautiful, simple, and great things I have found so far just in the first 4 months worth of archives I have looked through, but honest to God, there is just too much to bother making a list. Often times, sites like this are filled with hit-or-miss stuff. And while there are a couple things here and there that don’t really cater to my personal tastes, on a whole it is complete quality. I am going to get myself in trouble with this site by not getting enough work done. It doesn’t help that I’ll be moving soon and have a lot of homegoods and things I’ll be buying, or at least the soon-to-be wife will be wanting to buy. That’s weird to say. But anyways, huge respect to Grace for what she does with this site and her really, really great taste.