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Deep thoughts, round 3!

I haven’t even done one of these yet, so here we go. And real quick, its my birthday tomorrow so I’ll be throwing it down tonight and tomorrow…most likely won’t be making any posts. I’d like to dedicate this post to myself.

  • Day trading is cool to read about, but the paperwork involved with it sucks.
  • The new remix of ‘Go Crazy’ by Young Jeezy featuring Jay-Z is so fresh. Fat Joe’s was just terrible on it.
  • I found Stan Smith’s for $29.99 at my local spot. They have the burgundy back, who cares?
  • It’s in the low 70’s right now…yesterday was 90+. So refreshing.
  • It takes forever for me to get an SMS from a T-Mobile phone.
  • M is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
  • We get free gear occasionally; some of it is incredible while other stuff is sub par at best.
  • I will be on a beach this weekend and wearing a suit tonight.
  • I JUST got my first iPod…and it’s a shuffle…and I love it.

That’s all for right now. Shout out to everyone, including myself.