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Deep Thoughts, again.

I will be leaving town for a few days, taking a vacation of sorts with some friends until Monday. While I am on my trip and unable to post new, exciting tidbits of life here on THE BRILLIANCE, you will be blessed with the exclusive posts that Ben makes. Anyways, a few deep thoughts before I go…

·I got my pass for Lollapalooza in Chicago this year. Unfortunately, there are really no bands I’m interested in seeing besides M83 and maybe The Pixies. Other than that, I’m bored to death.
·Since we started THE BRILLIANCE, we have gotten hooked up with a lot of good people who have sent us a lot of cool stuff, mostly t-shirts, and I love it. So, thanks.
·You must own at least one pair of Vans slip-ons no matter who you are
·Phil Frost has an exhibition from July 16th - August 27 at the Blk/Mrkt Gallery.
·We got a ton of emails in response to the post I made about Kimou of Grotesk. Seriously, we did. He has a ton of friends
·Ben told me he might start wearing Vandals instead of Stan Smiths. This is big…Post this on your blog and tell a friend.
·My cable bill is $44.35 a month

That is all I can think of for now. Happy early 4th of July.