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Deep Thoughts

Wow been a while huh? I think too hard sometimes when I want to make a post. I forget to just have fun and talk about what I want. So without further ado…

-Anybody else check the Drudge Report on a constant basis throughout the day? I really like to keep up on news and Drudge is how I do it…but I think deep down inside I just love the times I go there and get to see the awesome Drudge siren up top. Makes my day. Silly sensationalism at its best.
-I’m about to go watch Mike Mills’ “Thumbsucker.” I hope it’s good.
-I’ve been listening to less hip-hop lately and a lot more Tortoise, Thelonious Monk of course, and M83. It’s a nice mix. Especially when I splash a little Matchbox 20 or Creed in there, or occassionally if I’m feeling crazy I get down with some Lit. Remember Lit? I liked them a LOT in freshman year of high school.
-Is it just me or is Settlers of Catan the single most enjoyable and fun board game of all time? Completely geeky, I know, but I was introduced to it by some friends and it is fun. Next up? Collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
-Surprised we didn’t make a whole post about this but the new stuff Apple put out, not that this is news, but it’s terrible. That big iCinderBlock they put out…yikes. And those $100 leather cases? Fendi makes one that’s cheaper. Explain that.
-I recently got some Nike iD Air 180’s and they’re really comfortable. We never talk about shoes on here because, well, neither of us are really much about the whole sneaker thing, plus HypeBeast has it locked down anyways, but while we’re at it I’ll just say I endorse these 180’s, Adidas Sambas, flip-flops when it’s warm out, and anything Vans. I do not however endorse those Nikes that are sneakers but there’s a separation for your big toe. You know what I’m talking about? Are you thinking ‘Ha. Yes.’ ? Well you should be.

That’s that. It’s 2AM and I have to go to bed now because I’ve gotten awful sleep all this past week. Gnarly! Bye!