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Deanne Cheuk! Mushroom Girls Virus!!

I guess I’m leaving it up to Ben lately to post things other than art-related news, but there are a lot of good things going down! Deanne Cheuk, art director of Tokion Magazine as well as an accomplished and amazing artist on her own has finally made for sale her new book ‘Mushroom Girls Virus.’ Ltd. SIGNED copies are available online at the link below. The book sold out in less than 4 weeks across Europe and Japan, so better grab one fast. I did…This is the FIRST and ONLY edition that will be published. Full color, 64pp with gatefold poster insert, full color end papers, fully embroidered hand glued linen cloth cover. 22.3cm x 27.5 cm. This is a MUST-HAVE if you collect art books or need something fresh for the coffee table. THE BRILLIANCE loves Deanne. Tokion is cool too.