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DayJet, like Ikea of private jets!

I found this reading the latest issue of BusinessWeek that I snatched off a clients coffee table…very interesting stuff. DayJet is an ‘on demand, per seat’ private jet service. Basically meaning you can jump on their site, make a reservation for a single seat on one of their new ‘micro’ private jets…the ones that only seat like 6 people and cost next to nothing to operate. The big thing about all this is completely skipping security, lines, check-in, pat-downs (Chuck!), etc. that you deal with at the usual airports. DayJet will offer regional service that is exactly the same as having chartered your own jet, except its only 30% higher than the cost of a regular full-fare coach ticket! Seriously, that’s nuts. Pull your car up to one of their hangers at your local airport, jump in the jet, take off. That’s it. I mean, I’ve never flown on a private jet myself but I have been on a chartered prop-jet for a quick business trip…it was the easiest, most stress-free travel ever. So yeah…these guys haven’t fully launched their service yet, and it looked like its only going to be in the south for the first few months but expansion across the US is their goal. Interesting, the big airlines can’t make money anymore…so the little guys creep in. What is it again? The hogs get slaughtered and the pigs get fat? ***I’m also really into the logo.