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Darcel Disappoints!!! Still going strong…

“Seriously the most genius blog,” Virgil wrote in his post about Darcel back in January ‘09. So I just have to preface this post with that and say it again, not only because it’s true on a creative level but because, my goodness, the consistency and output from Craig Redman - the man behind Darcel Disappoints - is just amazing. Running a blog is a funny thing - we know this well - it’s so easy to post a bunch and then sort of just…forget about it. You know? One of the most disappointing things to me is visiting a favorite blog after I hadn’t checked it in a while only to realize the last post was like 8 months ago or something. Neglected blogs are just always a bad look…better to just put some graphic up while you figure out if you’re all in or not. Otherwise just looks lazy. So anyways - that’s really why I admire Darcel so much - keeping up with a project for so long so consistently is one thing, but Darcel transcends just being a blog. Every post illustrating a story, a gallery show, a party, a concert, a trip, a museum, or whatever…(funny thing, as I write this I go and refresh the site and there’s a new post up)... anyways - the evolution of the blog has made way for all the great collaborations & projects he’s done too - including the prints/merch you can get in the Shop and especially last years ‘150/15: Colette X Darcel Disappoints Exhibition’ featuring 150 portraits(!!) in the usual Darcel style. It’s just fun - it’s always fun. That’s what I love about it. One of my true ‘staples’ I make a point of checking on a regular basis…make it one of yours too…and check one of my favorite recent posts, ‘Bummer’ ... that 0 / 0 / 0 Instagram buzzkill… ha.