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Crude Oils, Banksy!!

Perfect. Really. Check out this video clip for the exhibition/opening of Banksy’s Crude Oil in London. I love what this dude does…I really love the whole execution. The guy put about 50 live rats in the gallery that just roam around the gallery as you observe the pieces. And he also dressed up a skeleton in a security guard outfit to serve as security for his gallery. Pretty brilliant. Certainly one of my favorites in the whole ‘new-graffiti’ movement…steady doing his thing, keeping it fun, keeping it satirical but infused with true talent. Whatever though, this clip is quite fresh, a must watch. Many thanks Adnan and Jake for the FYI. I’m a little under the weather…so I got those ‘Soup At Hand’ things you microwave, so good. **I just wanted to add that I think Banksy and this whole exhibition is brilliant and I love it. Also I just ran out of gum. - Chuck