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Coyotes by Ted Conover.

Whoa…where have my posts been? Almost finished with this book…it’s a pretty fast read. Quick run down, a ‘Coyote’ is basically a courier of the specialist type…they are the people who transport illegal aliens both to the USA form Mexico as well as transferring them around the USA once inside. We are certainly in a political climate right now that makes this book a bit more interesting. I’m from the school of hard work and hard knocks. Raised in a family that ‘made it happen’ when times may have been tough financially. That mentality and lifestyle now permeate all aspects of my life. That’s why I was drawn to this book. Can you even imagine the lifestyle these guys live here in the states?!!? Illegal or not its amazingly inspirational to see what this beautiful culture will do for their family. Sad? Of course it is from our perspective…hard to ignore that aspect. But yeah, the book is a simple but in-depth read about a 27 year old American journalist who takes up life in Mexico to cross back into his home as an illegal alien and live state side day-in-day-out as a illegal alien. Every aspect of the life is documented. Unreal. Check it on at the link before. It’s a super fast read…week or two. Respecto a la cultura Mexicana.