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Concrete King!

If your into modern architecture and that pristine concrete look I know you’ll be into Tadao Ando. Most big named architects have a standard trick they do really really well and Ando’s is most definitely his use of concrete. Check out his Langen Foundation outside of Dusseldorf, Church of Light in Osaka, or his $12 mil Morimoto sushi spot in NYC. Utterly amazing stuff that takes concrete past notions of being a lifeless and cold material. Its weird, he’s even done a house in Lincoln Park, Chicago kinda tucked in off a typical Chicago street. To do the super smooth concrete look you have to have an insanely skilled crew and a immaculate set of drawings for the job. Architecture and rumors can go hand in hand and word is that walls were built and torn down because tolerances within ¼” were not being met. In the states if you can pour a 100 ft wall and have it be dead on straight within a ½” you’re the best on the block. If I could only afford one of these bad boys it would be on.