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Concept Shop… Pushing those Things.

The use of the internet at its finest. The team over at Concept Shop is THE go to site for getting everything limited from BAPE, Commes, Undercoverism, W)Taps, Number Nine, and anything else that kids talk about on but never actually buy. They have the whole INTERNATIONAL re-seller game LOCKED DOWN. No one else comes close. With bi-monthly updates that sell-out so quick it’s almost hard to believe. I’ve personally seen the better part of an entire re-up get sold out in about 6 hours. And this is not some $99 Karl Lagerfeld jacket at H&M, this is $300-$1000+ hoodies and $200 t-shirts. And they do it all with a 1992 Geocities-style website that is wild slow. You CANNOT knock their hustle. Get that money.