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Common’s Corners Remix with Scarface and Mos Def!

The thing about this track right here… Is from a lyrical standpoint, it could be played in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today and be brilliantly relevant. And that’s all besides the fact it has a cold-ass beat, Kanye’s hook is so fresh, and the fact that 3 straight-up LEGENDS are on it… Just perfect. The beat is so…perfect. I certainly hope no one out there still thinks of Kanye as any sort of ‘rookie’ anymore, the dude is pure genius. Any way, the track is super smooth… This is the hip-hop music that I just love. THE BRILLIANCE! loves it too. Check the link below to the track, RealOne player is needed. ***UPDATE, check the video here, thanks to Anson on that…