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Cocoa Island!

2 minutes by 10 mintues. They measure the island in the amount of time it takes to walk across it. Whoa. This hotel doesn’t even have a name, simply because it’s the only thing on the island. There is nothing else. No nightclubs, no shopping, no ‘bad section’, no Burger King or corner store to get 2 for $1 bag candy at…nothing. Located in the Maldives and accessible only by boat, and maybe chopper, it is one of the more secluded spots I can imagine. I’m all about islands, perfect white sand, fake-colored water, palm trees, bungalows…all that, just a perfect tiny island. I think Cocoa is a perfect example of this. The hotel itself looks quite incredible with the over-water huts you see in Fiji, well designed, and all that. $435 a night with a minimum of 7 nights making it relatively expensive, but not terrible if split between a few people…what makes these trips really expensive is the flights….long. I want to go here.