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Chicago Weekend…

Just got back into GR like an hour ago. I hadn’t been back downtown Chicago in months, close to a year it felt. Felt good to get back into it…spend some time with my father and run around the city a bit. I forget the culture that Chicago has. Francis the cab driver, the whole tourist thing on Michigan Ave, the North side a bit, the South side for sure, Puerto Rican Day Parade, the cool cats at Kozy’s Cycles, and man…Millennium Park. It was seriously about 95 degrees and beating sun on Saturday afternoon. So we rolled the cooler from the garage on Wabash and Monroe to the park…9,000 little kids running around in the water, including my wild little nephew. I was even out in the water with the rolled-up, clam-digger style jeans cooling off a bit. I just loved watching all the kids/people do their thing at such a beautiful ‘installation’ right in the middle of the city, a perfect downtown summer day vibe. It’s so weird, cause I can’t even remember what was there when I was growing up…right off the Randolph & Michigan stop on the University Park line Metra…we used to take that all the time. Ha, I’m rambling over here reminiscing. Anyway, good weekend…summer days for sure. That’s my post.