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Cheri Samba!

I see ‘intensity’ in his work more than anything else. His paintings are extremely candid and detailed views of how he perceives daily life, both good and evil, in his home country as well as his reflections of global issues and ideals. His lines, detail, perspective and painted words are nothing short of amazing…straight talent. He is an acrylic on canvas painter, but also does prints…both styles come from his time as a billboard painter and his short stint as a comic illustrator for a publication he apparently owned. I’m not going to front, I just got turned on to this guy…and maybe even more important, I don’t know if I really like the majority of his work. But this picture right here, (see photo) which happens to be the cover of his book is absolutely incredible. He is talented, and his aesthetic is so vivid, I really love that. So inspired. Get familiar if you’d like.