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Charles & Marie!!

My man Jason Gregory from MAKR reminded me of another good dude, Josh Spear who put me on to a great new site called Charles & Marie. It’s a really great blog resource that reminds me of a mix between MocoLoco, Cool Hunting, and the very site you are reading right now, THE BRILL0TR0N. I am loving the modern look and feel of the C&M site. It feels like a good homelife/design magazine to me. And hey - you can’t not like a fresh blog like this that was featured in the new issue of TIME magazine. These guys are on top of things in a big way. Posts about art, interior/exterior design, architecture, fresh gadgets, and just a lot of really interesting stuff. Clean, crisp site. I will definitely be stealing some of their posts and news to post on THE BRILLIANCE in the future. Ha…but really though. Check it out. And hey - I had grits for breakfast with just a little bit of salt and brown sugar. Was good.