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"But I'm trying give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99"

The disclaimer is that I'm already quite biased. How many times have I referenced Jay-Z's albums as my "formal education" in lieu of going to college after high school? So of course, I really like the, really. And I've only given it a twice over – plus, I always like super early, knee-jerk reviews anyway. So if Jay-Z's Volume 2 hit when I was like 16...and it hit me so hard to eventually call all his albums my formal education...will this one do so for a current 16 year old?? Hmm. Good question. This is quite a mature offering, yeah? The talk of buying buildings in Dumbo before it was Dumbo or buying art that see's you an 8x return may not resonate with the "kids", no? Maybe it's too deep, maybe its not fun, maybe it seems impossible, maybe its over their heads, etc. Maybe not though?? Like...maybe this is what "kids" want? Maybe its a balance/contrast to the pill/lean rap? Maybe its that "juice cleanse" kids were looking for? Maybe its that flight you needed to take to see life from a different angle? Maybe? I'm 36 and grew up with Jay-Z, of course I love the album. But I have faith in the kids man, always will...specifically the under 21 set right now. They've seen a lot in the past 10-15 years. Housing crisis, student loans gone wrong, race and gender issues having a camera phone pointed at them in a way like never before, a super fucking weird political scene... Some might think its "funny" that I'd tap Jay-Z as a voice of reason in the midst of all that...but...I mean, listen to the album. Its like, "360 aspiration" – being a proper human AND "slamming Bentley doors" still!! Ha, my 2 cents. *I hope I'm never an "old head."

*Also, also! Jay bought Tidal for $56.2M. Sprint bought 33% of the company for $200M, plus an advertising budget. Yes, they've had leadership issues, etc...but come on, not a bad return for a service everyone made fun of...