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Business 2.0 & Space 2.0!

Am I late on this one? I think I might be, I don’t know when this issue came out. So this is like the ‘new’ space race I guess you could say…but what makes this one entirely different, and way more important to ‘regular’ people, is that all the contenders are private companies. No more government only space missions. We all saw the SpaceShipOne thing go down…I thought it was great, very historic and all that…but kind of like ‘cool, who cares though? The stuff is still way too expensive!’ You know? But after reading this latest issue of Business 2.0 my mind has changed a bit. Just like any damn dot com idea in 97-99 could get venture capital funding…the new privatized industry of space is getting some heavy funding, and with results to match. The idea that people could be living ‘off of earth’ in the next 50-100 years is entirely possible according to the people that are trying to make it happen. It’s almost like yappy loft developers talking about some terrible neighborhood that they have a vision for. They sound crazy when they first pitch it, but when you’re trying to parallel park between that G500 and XK8 in the newly gentrified area 3 years later…you sit back and think ‘when was this area not nice?’ Who is to say that will be our thoughts on space 50 years from now? So yeah…I always have to put some real-estate spin on it…but honestly the whole idea of privatized space travel is pretty wild. I think my favorite piece from the Business 2.0 write up was the space elevator. Just the idea that a massive counter-weight could actually hold it in place blows me away…so cool. Anyway, this was a long post about space…which is kind of weird. Off-topic…does anyone else thing the official NASA logo is really, really well designed…like the one that is always on the circle patch? Not just the plain one, but the more intricate one? Wow, this post is too long…what a joke, I can’t believe your still reading it.