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Burger ‘King’ Masks…

How could I not post this. Man…I remember when these commercials first dropped. I distinctly remember saying ‘what the hell?’ all quiet/to myself while watching TV. This crazy Burger King mascot that looked thru your windows in the morning, woke up next to you, etc. He seemed…scary as hell but too funny. Does it fit Burger King’s image or product offering in terms of branding? Not really…but it’s got to be subliminal or something cause I eat BK all the time now. I’m telling you, he has that look like knows something about me. Either way…you can now be the Burger King guy yourself. I can’t wait for the Drudge to post the first article about an armed robbery where the suspect was wearing one of these. Ha…you know it’s going to happen. THE BRILLIANCE is…un-sure about the ‘Burger King.’