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Bun-B, Draped Up!!!

Are you kidding me…the beat, the flow, the legend…Bun-B is hitting us, finally, with a solo record. I really don’t care what anybody says, the South is embodying what hip-hop used to be…fresh/wierd trends, fads, slang, fashion, cars, life-styles, etc. So refreshing. It has that ‘dangerous’ feel that hip-hop had in the 80’s and early 90’s. All that aside, Bun-B kills this song. I think the album is called ‘Trill’ and I have no idea when it drops…maybe September? Check the link. Yeah, THE BRILLIANCE respects anyone doing their thing…so brush that hair away from your eye, log-off Myspace and listen to some Bun-B. This track is nuts.