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Man…I guess I was just expecting more. I mean, he’s no Jay-Z…but he has such flavor and personality, so I was expecting something new and refreshing…that’s all. Nothing classic, just something new. Draped Up, Trill Recognize Trill, Pushin, and Story (!)…after that, you can skip all the other tracks. Seriously. And real quick, that Get Throwed track has a perfecto beat but Bun’s flow is too…I just didn’t like it. Pimp C did his thing though. One more thing too, Late Night Creepin…Bun hits it correct but the beat doesn’t work and who the hell is the dude at the end?! Anyway, maybe it was the beats maybe it was his lyrics…not sure, but this album doesn’t work for me. I was expecting a UGK type feel…more south, fuzzy beats, chopped & screwed hooks, more of that whole southern feel…I love that stuff. These beats could have been for any rapper…he should have had Bun-B tailored beats. That’s all I got. Shout to Peter for the hook-up as always. ***Get the album at the link below, King of the Trill. It makes up for everything. Shout to Nat @ ASF.