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Building a brand: T-Pain!

“OMG, the vocoder guy?! Ugh…he sux!!!11” Not really. He wears a top hat, Oakleys, circus-flavored tuxedos and makes it look super fresh. True story. I’m not a huge, huge fan of T-Pain’s music - but I am of his brand. Specifically the visual brand he’s creating for himself with his image and his amazing videos as of late. I made a post a while back about my new love for good pop music and how I wish there was more of it…and I honestly I think T-Pain is one of those artists thats making it happen. It’s just super fun music. But yeah, the videos…have you seen the, lately??! So good. I think it started with the ‘Chopped & Screwed’ video and is continuing forward with his latest, ‘Freeze’. The super fun, and sometimes pretty amazing, visual effects, the lack of super cliche girls-dancing scenes, no slow-mo pan shots of a Phantom, the colors, the tempo of the visual effects, etc, etc, etc…I’m just really enjoying them. What a breath of fresh air. In the ‘Freeze’ video, where they make his name out of a continuous motion of him dancing and play it backwards?! So, so good. Feel like the first time I saw the ‘3D Pipes’ screen saver on Windows, ha. So yeah - I’m a fan of T-Pain’s brand and I think a ton of artists could (should) take a couple notes from him…or least the brand that is T-Pain.