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Bringing back Polaroid instant film - project ‘Impossible’!

Alright hipsters, listen-up! Until the iPhone has a flash and an app that makes all your pictures look like perfectly-terrible on purpose, you need to be informed on this project. Ha..kidding, kidding. In case you hadn’t heard, about 2 years ago (right?) Polaroid decided to stop producing their ever-so-famous instant film. I haven’t done a ton of research on why, so whatever - but after hearing that I always thought ‘huh, why wouldn’t someone either purchase their old mfg equipment, or come-up with an aftermarket solution?’ Right?? There is so much social cache in the Polaroid instant camera and its iconically bad quality. Well, I wasn’t the only one with that question…in fact a group of employees of the old factory itself in Holland have banded together to form a business they’ve titled ‘Impossible’ to make it happen. they’ve leased the factory themselves for another 10 years, are getting all the equipment back up and running and they plan to relaunch in 2010. They say it’ll be better quality but still compatible with the older cameras. Hmm, is ‘better quality’ really better in this instance? I can just see ‘purists’ being like ‘Dude man, the new film just isn’t as…you know, like…like, like…real.’ Ha. All stuff aside its a pretty cool story, can’t wait to see how they spin the re-launch. Check out more below from Curated Mag, cool site.