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Brazil football, what a global brand!

A World Cup post is definitely in order. Did you see how Ghana handled the Czech Republic? Having soccer take over my life growing up has led to a deep appreciation for the sport. Even with the decent number of Americans playing soccer our culture can’t really understand how football rules the globe. Now is the time to get hip. What about Nikes branding approach to the world’s biggest sporting event? The Joga Bonito or “play beautiful” campaign which has been bubbling for the past year leading up to the Cup has been superb. It’s no coincidence that Brazil is the focal point, and from a branding standpoint I find it very interesting. Brazil has a plethora of superstars on their national team, but it’s their intangible style of play that Nike is getting more bang for their buck. It’s like watching them play streetball in the NBA Finals, except they are playing by all the rules. In a world dominated by patriotic love for football, the style of play that the Brazilians posses equates to trillions of fair-weather fans and the nicest of Nike productions. The Ping Pong video near the bottom is a must see. Good thing I can’t rap, otherwise I would try to using Ronaldinho in some sort of punchline.