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BPM - Steve Aoki and Mark Hunter!

Come on homie we major. Steve Aoki is cold doing his thing. And so is Mark Hunter…that dude the Cobra Snake. Ssssss. BPM has ‘slammin’ features both of them with a thorough looking Steve aka Kid Millionaire all-up-on the cover. I love the whole vibe of what these guys are doing. Perfect mix of indie and business. Who could have imagined what Mark The Cobra Snake has turned into. The dude ‘makes’ a party…niche promotions at its finest. And Steve Aoki is DJing and doing promotions for damn near every party that matters these days. I love to see these things happen. But yeah, the magazine is a good read…shout to Jesse for the copy. So pick it up and support the ‘indie mafia’ movement as they call it. I don’t know the link to BPM’s site…so here is Steve’s MySpace page.