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Boy Better Know!!!!

I am still on the Grime music thing outta the UK. In my book this kid JME is has waltzed straight to the top of the game alongside Wiley & his brother Skepta, Dizzie, & Kano. I listen to BBC religiously and whenever I get bored listening to the Hip Hop stations I have been all about the Grime & UKG channels for that alternative Hip Hop sound. The mixtape game over there is wildly popular like the 50 Cent days stateside. But where JME his ‘Boy Better Know’ camp have taken it to another level is the T-shirt game. Yea, t-shirts. So much so that the boolteggers are not only bootlegging the mixtapes but the T-shirts as well. So what does JME do, flip the logos and sell T-shirts directly off his myspace after a quick paypal transaction straight to his account. I love it. So many people claim t-shirt in general are ‘overdone’ etc. That’s like saying water is played out. T-shirts will always be desired no matter how many you have. JME is smart, why not capitalize on 2 of the most important things in young entertainment demographic, music and fashion. Ha…my favorite line at the end of this freestyle session, “I do a lot like ACME, my brain is like an everything factory”.