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Borf got bagged, basically!

Borf reminds me of a political Peter Pan a little bit. Saying things like ‘growing up is giving up’ or the stencil tag with ‘grown ups are obsolete.’ I love that. Looks like the man, or youngster, behind it all has been nabbed by the 5-0 early on the morning of the 14th. While I don’t agree with all his political style stuff, because basically I don’t get into all that, I do think he is doing his thing and that is should be respected. We hope everything works out for him. NikeTalk’s General Forum is like a guilty pleasure for real, but this post is too funny, I had to link it, check the Neckface comments. Check the link below for the full Washington Post press release on all this. And a big ‘wow’ at the highway sign he did. Wow.