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Bookstore Freeloading!!

Funny how no matter how instantaneous blogs are magazines still have the scoop on information and inspiration. Yesterday I did my monthly Borders session. By the time I sat down in the comfy leather couch I had 22 magazines. Its funny, I can go thru some magazines in like 45 seconds. If I like the content I’ll spend 5 mins. and if I’am still interested after then I’ll buy it. The standout out trend for me in magazines lately is the Japanese styled layouts of tons of different products. Anyone remember Conde Nast’s Vitals? I think they folded after 4 issues but that’s how you do the men’s GQ-ish lifestyle magazine. We just got that premiere issues of Antenna the other day and they definitely got me interested. Like Vitals, the layout is awesome, perfect ‘of-the-moment’ content and a great assortment of products. I rarely read magazine articles so I need imagery inspiration to make me consider it. Amongst the stack of 22 magazines I grabbed everything from a Magic magazine (you know the nerdy card game) to Monocle to ELLE accessories. I bought one of those 3 and it wasn’t Monocle.