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Hi! Been a long while since I posted. I do apologize, I was on a trip to see family in New Jersey and this is pretty much the first chance I’ve had to post since I’ve been home. I would have posted from there, but my aunt had a 56k dial-up connection and no Photoshop, so I couldn’t make a little image for the post. Look at me complaining. I sound like an old man. Anyways! I spend a lot of time at Borders and/or Barnes & Noble just looking at books and magazines. But usually not regular books…more like art books and music books and things like that. It’s just relaxing to me. So here are some of my recent favorites. American Hardcore. This book is great…takes a look at early 80’s harcore music in America. First off, the opening pages with all the old band logos/marks are great…but the comprehensive interviews and overviews about this era/niche is what impresses me. Interviews with Black Flag, Minor Threat, Fear, Cro-Mags, Youth Brigade, Bad Brains, Negative Approach…all these classic bands - I kind of wish I grew up in the place and time this was at its peak, but since I didn’t, this book does its job filling me in a bit on how it was…Enough about that one, how about this for a transition? This book LOFTS is great…not much to say, just lots of beautiful floorplans and photos of amazingly well-designed small loft spaces. Nothing like seeing what can be done when you have space limitations in a living area - I love it. And my third and final book is this Andy Howell book, Art, Skateboarding, & Life. Beautiful book, first of all…and comes with 2 DVD’s. One of those books you just pick up and sit around with for a few hours thumbing through, reading, and just enjoying…by the end of it you wanna go get a notebook and doodle…I miss sitting in junior high and high school and drawing on all my notebooks - that’s what this book reminds me of. You know? I leave you with this awesome book I found at a comic book store. Wolvertoons.