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Bollinger's Electric Truck. I'm in love.

Some days this site basically writes itself. The Bollinger's electric's effectively perfect. It being electric, having a decent range and top speed, fairly decent price, and the is what is missing right now. How, how did Land Rover not ship one of these first??? Honestly? I understand car manufacturing isn't easy and Land Rover has a brand to maintain, etc, etc...but some 16 year-old current version of me is on Japlonik right now and the Land Rover vs Bollinger argument isn't even a question in his mind. The deep-seated brand attachment is already setting in. Undoubtedly in Bollinger's favor. Coming from a guy (me) who's owned two Land Rovers and deeply loves them...does the Defender look a bit cooler and have more heritage? Sure, maybe...but you can't get that car anymore, and haven't been able to in the states since 1997, so it really doesn't matter. Land Rover has forgotten its own "romance" - and didn't even give it a sub brand like Mercedes has with AMG - and catered to its highest spending consumers. Literally, and figuratively, rounding off all the hard edges that made it an incredibly compelling company. :( Point of the post is: the future is electric and the playing field is WIDE open for companies like Bollinger to unseat the classics like Land Rover, etc. Please, please someone tackle the 911. I can't wait.

*I could do a whole post about screens in cars. Can't stand them. They ship to the consumer with out of date software before they've even hit the lot. We all have super computers in our something create with those.

*Also still need to get used to grill-less cars–taking me a bit.