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Bocas Del Toro!!

An island post! Its been a while right? Well, back at it…and this one is the quintessential ‘tropical paradise’ type. It actually looks a bit like something you’d fin din the South Pacific but its actually a Caribbean island right of Panama. Bocas Del Toro they call it. This post was actually prompted by one of my favorite magazines, Islands, but my good friend Kevin put me onto the location quite a while ago - sorry for the late post Kevin, ha. So yeah, it’s small, its lush, beautiful beaches, hike-able rainforest, super cheap resorts, kind of hard to get to, and has pretty good real estate available to foreigners as well. Some of the pictures in the new Islands magazine are just unbelievable - so beautiful. That classic palm lined beach that backs right up to jungle - perfect. Check out the link for this fresh resort called ‘Al Natural’. It’s a low-eco-impact resort, super chill, and super cheap.