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Jules Kim makes incredible jewelry. It’s fresh and it’s not cheap, but for good reason. All hand crafted and custom-made…there are three different sections of jewelry on the site - Lifestyle, Graffiti, and DJ. Then if you click ‘People’, you’ll be able to see some of the original collection along with several custom pieces…?uestlove and Beans are in there rockin some nice pieces - I’ve seen that necklace on Beans in a lot of press photos before. Also check out that crazy four finger ring on Miri Ben-Ari, whoa! You’d sound like a janitor as you walk by with that on, like some sleighbells. Ha. Anyways, my man Kareem put me on to Jules and he told me he’s getting his custom piece back pretty soon, so can’t wait to see that…check her out though. Truly a craft she’s perfected…definitely a ‘next big thing’ if you ask me.