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Best of/Future Post!!!

I am posting from the airport terminal, my 2nd home over the already gone holidays. It’s amazing when the time between going thru security and boarding becomes your downtime throughout the week. Happy new year online confidants! Albums for last year are Graduation by Kanye West, American Gangster by Jay-z, Finding Forever from Common, The Cool by Lupe Fiasco and last but definitely not least Hell Hath No Fury by the Clipse. I think that was early this year. But in general we are all more excited about the future than whats already past so this is where my heads at for 2008. For clothing lines definitely Lanvin, aka the new totally unaffordable Dior. Good thing checking out the line on is free. The whole A Bathing Ape collection and their new retail spaces in Tokyo & LA. Pharrell’s jewlery line for Louis and a N.E.R.D. album. Raf Simons collaboration with Eastpak just needs to drop, it already looks like the final say in backpack design. Movie wise i cant wait to see that Mos Def/Gondry flicks. Man there truly is no better time than now.