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BENQ P50 Smartphone… Act like you knew.

‘Smartphones’ as they call them have changed my life. In fact, I think I have a mild case of ADD because of them. I have everything with me at all times; phone, multiple email accounts, web, camera, AOL IM, text messaging, mp3 player, all in a hip little phone. You can’t understand how it will change the way you wait for things in life. I can’t wait 30 seconds in line at the grocery store without check one of my email accounts, seeing what the weather is like in Bora Bora, texting Chuck, reading Page Six, etc… What did I do before this? Just stand there? Either way, this particular phone, the BENQ P50 is not yet released, but when it is, 2 things will happen, it will change how people communicate, and I will own one. Do a little research on this thing… It has WiFi and Skype…on a cell phone. Think about it, international calls, for FREE in hotspots. Broadband content while your own the phone talking. That’s the nerd in me right there.