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BENJAMIN EDGAR, the "all the way through" thing, and perfectly unnecessary labeling systems, etc, etc.

I don't think I've ever done a post on my "object company" stuff...can't remember, don't feel like searching for it. The whole "BENJAMIN EDGAR," project has been a sort of playground for me for the past 9 years...its a business, yeah, but its this place where I can explore, create, and not have any rules, etc. Love that. This latest concept...the "all the way through" system and the new labeling system. I'm calling them systems because they're my first stab at creating an actual framework (like....rules??? ugh) for all future objects, etc. Maybe even a step towards taking the whole project a but more seriously. I even hired a production manager, s/o Colin.

So, why the "all the way through" thing? What is it? Why the heat-sealed labeling thing? Was like mid September 2017 and I put a thing on my calendar saying "design a classic/forever" t-shirt" - something I'd personally wear. (Fun fact, I never wear/use any of my own products...) My references were Ralph Lauren basics and the kind of t-shirts small contractors, electricians, maintenance people where...almost boring. So, super simple, embroider a logo hit on each pocket area on the front, and call it. Trick is, I'm not a " graphic t-shirt" I started thinking of it less as fabric/piece of flexible clothing, and though of it as a fixed/solid object. Idea that embroidery isn't like screen-printing, in that embroidery actually goes into the garment, becomes part of it. So I imagined thinking of the embroidery application the same as a CNC machine...and having it go all the way through the garment. So simple, but took something...almost boring, and made it perfectly "benjamin edgar," ...a bit off/odd, weird, humor with a technical spin. My favorite part is how flexible it is as a design language. And yes...I have plans to use it on a lot, lot more than just t-shirts. Can't wait man.

And the weird tagging system? I love the inside of technical outerwear. The seam-taping specially. There is something confidence inspiring about looks very, very permanent. You trust it to truly seal out water, weather, etc. I love things that feel permanent and forever. Then I love taking something and placing it in the wrong context. Take this highly technical material, and use it to hang one of the cheapest clothing labels possible...printed satin. Put the size tag in there as well. And other things soon too. Then apply it everywhere. Envelopes, boxes, walls, windows, bottles, bags, etc. I can't wait on to show off the other applications of it...its honestly one of my favorite things I've ever designed.

***So yeah, this post is too long. Bunch of typo/grammar stuff I'm sure. But, a bit of insight into why I did what I did...why its so "simple" compared to everything else. Super thank you to everyone who's purchased it.