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Belvedere is hip to it??

In huh-thats-pretty-interesting-but-almost-kind-of-weird-news: I don’t watch TV much, but Chuck just sent me the youtube link for the new Belvedere Vodka commercial done by Terry Richardson…and its quite interesting. Who is on the marketing/creative direction team over there at Belvedere?! To think Terry Richardson would be showing up in/making/producing//whatevering commercials for Belvedere is certainly something out of left-field, you know? That being said…the commercial is pretty brilliant and so is the print campaign. I love the way the commercial is shot, love the energy in it, love the whole New York high-society meets New York “genre-now-society” as A-ron might call it. I mean…Ear Snot makes a cameo…really?! In a commercial for Belvedere? And a verse from the RZA to end it out? Who knows if this move will get Belvedere whatever it is they wanted from a branding/image standpoint…I just think its great to see brands like theirs make such interesting (odd?) moves like this…and spend time to really do it properly.