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Banksy Hilton!!

This is seriously modern day graffiti. Its seems Bansky like is extending the art forms possibilities every 6 months by thinking outside the box. I had been into his stuff for the longest time but the Gaza Strip stuff and his Crude Oils show affirmed his position as an artist of out time. Now this…who thinks to get a hold of 500 Paris Hilton CD�s, alter all the images and re-record tracks supposedly with some help from Gnarls Barkley�s Dangermouse. This footage posted pretty much sums it all up…the funny thing is I bet these tracks become bigger club hits than the album and she ends up selling more records because of all this press she�s getting. As of yesterday only 6 of the doctored CD�s were recovered buy shops all across the UK. EBay has already popped up with a few Bansky CD�s and auctions are ending at $2,260 a pop.updated 2 for 1 via the kabakuba crew, great art site