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Bam!! Mercedes to go ALL green by 2015?!

Is this real? Talk about throwing the gauntlet down… Apparently their going to be doing all non-gasoline options like bio-fuel, bio-diesel, hybrid and full electric. So while they may not be truly ‘ALL green’ as this article suggests, they’ll be completely moving away from pure gasoline/pure diesel powered engines. Pretty wild stuff. And from a car company that is so desirable. I guess I didn’t really see this coming. I know they were doing the BlueTec diesel thing in the E classes…but this is so drastic. You have to wonder, how??! Logistics issues, supply chain, their existing plants, etc. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them it seems. I hope this isn’t just spin and all we’re getting is some bio-diesel-ready kitted cars - I mean, I guess that would be a huge step - but I’ve just been waiting for something super dramatic like this. And from Benz?? Perfect. I’ll be first in line for the electric E class wagon. Yeah, I’ll guess we’ll see…