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Bad news eBayer - Cavashya…

Kind of a weird post to make, but I think it’s important, because many people who read The Brilliance are probably also eBay consumers, and this needs to be made known. This dude “Cavashya” on eBay - you must not buy from him. From one personal experience, I can say it was the most uneasy online purchase I ever made. I waited over 3 months with continued bugging for him to give me a tracking number or to refund me about $80, and he refused every time, telling me I was crazy and being super rude. Fortunately for me, PayPal and eBay must already be on his case, because I got a full refund after 90 days, which is a diversion from PayPal’s usual policy. I’m not the only one though, half the people on KidRobot can testify in this thread and you can click below to see his negative feedback. What a hack. Apparently sells inkjet prints of ‘original’ stuff from the likes of Dalek, KAWS, etc. Also tries to sell stuff by an artist called “WR” which is apparently actually just him. Everything about him is bogus. So if you’re browsing around eBay for those sweet new Bape toe socks you wanted, just don’t buy from him.