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BAD BLUEPRINTS!!! GIFs by Alec Mackenzie…

Is there anything “more internet” than a GIF? They’re ubiquitous, have been for a while now, completely and wholly a part of our culture but can only really live on the internet. GIFs are truly the perfect encapsulation of my generations attention span. Satisfaction in ~3 seconds and you move on. Anyways, half the fun in writing a post on here is picking what to put in that little 100x100 square you see to the right. For this post I honestly made about 10 different options until I was like, yeah…that’s the one. It was almost just too easy to choose some skull on a colorful cube or something, had to dig a little deeper. Artist Alec Mackenzie’s blog is titled ‘bad blueprints’, and it’s just page after page of the most amazing, weird, screwed up little gifs of glitchy, 3D nightmarish odds and ends and I honestly didn’t want the pages to end. Actually haven’t gotten to the end yet. I think what I love about a lot of ‘internet art’ is how it doesn’t make you feel any way in particular. Or it does, there’s just not a good adjective for it. I mean, what exactly is your brain doing as it processes the visual of a 5-frame loop of a giant businessman standing on a table spinning his arms around as 6 seated businessmen sit there staring at him or a head that spins around but the eyeballs stay stationary leaving a momentary 3D mess of red flesh. Like, you don’t just look at these once for a quick second and move on, you sit and you stare, at least I do, for an inexplicable amount of time. It’s totally mesmerizing. I really can’t find much more information about Alec anywhere…mostly just other blog posts like this featuring his work and whatnot…but I’m gonna try and track him down because I think he’d be a fun interview. So go look at Bad Blueprints, GIFs by Alec Mackenzie!!!11!