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Artists doing great work…who are they?? You tell me.

Typically I get a post together after doing research on a bunch of different artists on a bunch of different sites and report here about all the amazing talent I’ve found. Well, I’ve searched the internet high and low, I’ve looked through every art and design book in existence, and scoured countless magazines, and I am sad to report I have not found a single interesting person to write about….
...Ok, that’s not actually true at all. In fact, I think I could probably fill a post like, a paragraph, maybe a paragraph-and-a-half, full of a ton of amazing artists I’ve discovered in the last month alone. Like 6 artists. Maybe 6½ artists even. The ½ being this one guy who I thought was pretty good but not that good. So anyways, there’s a point to all this…I was thinking - I love our readers, all 9 of you - and I think it would be fun to have you all send artists in who maybe I’ve not seen before, or need to be reminded of, that I could post about on here and give some attention to. As you’ve probably figured out if you read The Brilliance, I love to post about talented and creative people…so I’m taking recommendations for the next week or so. Please send me links to your favorite artists at and I will read and consider for a new post, or series of posts, depending on how many quality links I get. Feel free to send as many links and suggestions as you’d like but please know we don’t really feel like can’t due to very busy schedules, respond to all emails we get. Thanks…let’s see those URL HTTP webpages!!!!1