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Artcoup Photography. Wow…

I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t seen such powerful and intense photography in a long time. Maybe ever?? I know I’d seen Boogie’s site before, but today was the first time I really, I mean really looked through it good and hard. The drug stuff blows me away, just how real and intensely sad and scary it all is. Also make sure you check the ‘gangs’ section, that’s a must for sure. I think it’s so intriguing to me because it’s all so far from anything I’ve ever experienced. I did not grow up in a big city or on urban streets, never have been involved in any drugs, and generally haven’t been around the types of people that are in these photos. It’s just a natural attraction to something foreign to me I suppose. Beautiful and raw are probably the best words to describe the photos. So go check them out. I think I’ve got a new idea for someone to interview…anyways, I’ll be headed to the dangerous streets of Bloomington/Normal, IL for the weekend. Have a good one!