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Art traders: the Nahmad family!

I’ve always found this stuff super, super interesting. Seems like you could make a great movie about a topic like this…is there already one? So yeah, while on vacation I read a really, really interesting article about the Nahmad family and the amazing, amazing wealth they have created by trading classic art. Like…billions. Apparently they have a warehouse in Switzerland with an estimated 4,500 - 5,000 works of art valued at around $3-$4 billion. Yikes. It’s just so funny to me…its art. Just paintings. Sure…by some of the most famous artists in history, but still, they’re just paintings. That’s what makes the business so interesting - the fact that its so emotionally driven, their is a finite number of paintings, and no one knows the exact number of given works floating around. I love that…so many angles to be played. Anyway, I’ll stop fantasizing about being a James-Bond-Ocean’s-11-really-awesome art trader…ha. Get familiar with these guys…interesting stuff.