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Art & Design - What’s good in 06?!

Since I freelance and do art/design for a living, I decided I don’t give enough shine to that on here. So without getting too much like a design news site, I’d like to introduce our readers to some artists who are really doing their thing in a good way for the new year. So… Steve Nishimoto - this is hot. One of the best portfolios I’ve looked through in a while. Check the ZY stuff. Electric Heat - my man Nigel! Saiman Chow - always, always inspiring. DopePope - check out the drawing of that chick with the teeth on her legs - whoa! Demo Design - Justin Fines finally put a site and new work up after being stagnant for a few years and it’s classic. Grotesk - if you don’t already know, better find out. Boogie! - not art and design, but photography so good and scary it deserves a spot here. IMYJ - Basit is the man, been following his work for years. Tiffany Bozic - one of my absolute favorite artists. UPSO - this post is now complete. This post is also not an invitation to email us a link to your $w33+ graphic design portfolio that is half finished…ha. Kind of like, don’t call us, we’ll call you type of thing.