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Archives of cool stuff!!!

A post from all three of us today - what more could you ask for!!? Anyways, this post is basically dedicated to all the sites you find on Google that are just archived images of old things you can’t get your hands on anymore. Or could, but it would take some searching. Take for example this archive of covers of the Danish punk zine ‘Trust’. I mean, this kind of stuff never gets old to me. So classic, I love it! This is one of my favorites - Steve Pyatt’s Voodoo Venue - a big collection of old music items he’s collected over the years…This dude has some cool stuff - Johnny Thunders autographed posters, photos of Sid Vicious, the D.O.A. beer mugs (Let’s wreck the party!), Buzzcocks stuff, and my absolute favorite - his collection of old punk rock 45’s…I am loving the Drones cover and the N.O.T.A. covers, and the rest are all awesome too of course…Then I found this small but good old collection of punk rock xerox flyers from 77…Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, Fear…And last we’ve got these super old skate stickers...Is this NOT the coolest thing you’ve seen all day? All week? All month? All year?!??! Wowzas! Send me links to cool archives of stuff like this and I’ll send you an e-card from Yahoo or something! Another good link below…