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Applefella? RocaPod? iHov?

Ha…the title was corny, but I kind of had to do it. So…if Jay-Z wasn’t already kind of amazing – now he is hanging around with Steve Jobs and building a new ‘super label’ with Apple?! Too funny – the two individual people I post about the most are now supposedly working together. Not a ton of information available – but apparently Jay-Z (eventually we’ll have to call him Shawn right?!) and Beyonce will be ‘heading up’ the new music division at Apple and it will obviously be based entirely on digital distribution. What’s wild is that I guess Jay has rights to Kanye, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Rihanna, probably Beyonce somehow, and others…so he can just snatch them from Def Jam or their respective labels. Crazy stuff. Honest…who knew?!!!? Jay-Z and Steve Jobs doing business…yeah, I’m kind of into it. ***Microsoft: It’s all good, you guys still have that big-ass table computer.