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Apple’s Keynote, 3G iPhone, MobileMe, and the SDK thing!

I actually had this big post half-way written about all this…decided it was boring and I should trim it down. Keeping it simple. The keynote, as always, was well executed and fun to watch - a theatrical presentation that other companies can’t seem to copy. The developer’s demoing their software could have been a bit shorter though. iPhone 3G is pretty amazing…everything everyone wanted. The video interview things they did of enterprise companies that are using it sealed the deal. I’m not sure how I feel about the plastic back on it now though. I liked the aluminum. MobileMe service truly looks amazing…but its lacking one serious, serious piece…you have to use They need to get serious about being able to have your own domain. Until then I probably won’t use the service. That aside, the web interface stuff, the push stuff, etc, is awesome. I love when Apple does software. The SDK or software developers kit…my favorite piece. Actually, my favorite piece is this feature (seriously, click it). They call it the ‘Apple Push Notification Service’. This is what will really challenge BlackBerry. They said they are seeding this to developers next month…i can’t wait…I can not wait till Google gets their hands on this. Google Apps using that feature will be the real ‘Exchange for the rest of us’ as Apple has dubbed MobileMe. Well, thats my opinion at least. So there you have it…Apple has done it again. What a fun company to watch. ***Now please, guys, can we get some newly designed MacBook Pros?